What We Do
Our Coaching Values

Our mission is to serve business owners by building valuable companies and enduring legacies.  We deliver our mission by providing  business coaching services based on our five core values:

Competence - Our expertise is solving problems and realizing opportunities for our clients and their company.

Problem Solver | Continuous Improvement | Committed to Learning

Objective - Our principal role is to build value for our clients, unbiased, without conflict of interest.

Unbiased | Transparent | No Conflict of Interest

Accountable - Our client's success is personal - our livelihood depends on our client's success!

Have Our Client's Back | Own Problems & Solutions | Deliver Promises

Collaborative - We will facilitate time management, task prioritization and team dynamics.

Start by Listening | Unlock Potential | Lead by Support

Human - We are committed to personal development in conjunction with business improvement.

Personal | Business | Professional Development 

What Makes Us Different From Other Advisors

Most business owners work with a variety of different financial advisors to help them manage different aspects of their business.  Each of these advisers have their own professional specialty.  CPA's–taxes and bookkeeping, bankers–lending and cash management, brokers–valuation and selling, and financial planner–wealth planning.

What makes Business Value Builders different, is we focus exclusively on helping small business owners improve the actual performance of their most important asset-their company.  And, because the typical small business owner's professional and personal lives are so intertwined, our coaching programs also address the development needs of the owner and their leadership team.  Finally, when the time comes for you to sell or transition your business to the next generation, we can help you prepare and execute a succession plan based on your vision and goals.

Most importantly, our client's success is personal.  When a client engages us, we behave like our livelihood depends on their success! 

What Makes Our Service Model Different 

Value is created, grown and preserved throughout a business's life-cycle.  Value can also be lost by actions (or inaction) taken by insiders or by unanticipated events and external forces.  That is why Business Value Builders has developed targeted service offerings to address the entire life-cycle of your business.

Startup:  For those companies that are just starting out or those in need of fresh ideas or a different approach.  Our Essentials Value Builders Program™ help business owners resolve common problems including time and crisis management, team dynamics, and poor financial performance.

Growth:  For those companies that have a solid foundation in place and are ready to grow now.  Our Accelerator Value Builders Program™ help business owners measure and grow value in the four most important areas for potential acquirers or successors.

Legacy:  For those business owners who are ready to exit or need to preserve the wealth created in their company.  Our Legacy Value Builders Program™ help business owners create comprehensive succession plans, develop successor leaders and heirs, and establish family councils and governance.

Who We Are
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Andy Halko,

Executive Coach

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Andy Halko is the best partner for small business owners to grow the value of their businesses and leave an enduring legacy.  He brings both specialized knowledge in the field of business improvement and practical, real world experience producing results.  Known for his creative thinking, inquisitive problem-solving and practical optimism Andy has served in virtually every function and level of management over the past 20+ years.  As the former General Manager of several different multi-million dollar companies, Andy understands the challenges and risks of running a business, building a dynamic team and sustaining results over time.  He works shoulder-to-shoulder with business owners to bring clarity and results to organizations, especially those dealing with turmoil and transition.  

While at Nortek Air Solutions, Andy was responsible for a number of significant business improvement initiatives including:

  • New Technology Business Start-Up - Introduced a new heat exchanger technology for the data center market resulting in hiring a dedicated global scale-up team of over 50 employees and established a $60M book of business in the first year. 

  • Business Turnarounds - Introduced a standardized LEAN system and improved team dynamics and employee engagement resulting in double digit operating margins in 3 previously unprofitable businesses in the first year.

  • Business Expansion and Modernization - Expanded business, modernized machinery, and introduced LEAN system resulting in increasing sales $40M (50%) in 3 years.  Received the Oklahoma Governor's Leadership Award in 2015 recognizing manufacturing excellence. 

It is these experiences and others within other organizations that helped inspire Andy to start Business Value Builders.  He is also committed to helping small, entrepreneurial businesses because of their great importance to our local communities.  Small, privately-held businesses are the backbone of our economy.  These businesses produce over half the jobs and half the GNP in the United States.  Unfortunately, small businesses don't benefit from the advanced business systems and broad expertise that exists in larger companies.   Often, small business owners are pulled into addressing the urgent problems of the day instead of the priority of focusing time and energy on activities that increase the value of their business.  Seeing a real opportunity to help, Andy's vision for Business Value Builders is to bring proven business improvement techniques to the small business community.