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Program Summary

For those companies that have a solid foundation in place and are ready to grow now.  Our Accelerator Value Builders Program™ helps business owners measure and grow company value in the four most important areas that potential acquirers or successors value most.

Once a solid foundation is in place the next phase is to grow the value and wealth of your business.  Growing the value of your business is incredibly important if you are considering selling your business someday, transferring it to family or to employees or if you will be relying on income from your business during retirement.  By focusing on value vs revenue or other metrics, the owner is building up a transferable asset in their business.  By growing value you begin to unlock the illiquid wealth that is trapped inside your company.

Value building is similar to home improvements to a house.  Some home improvements increase the value of a house, others do not.  The same is true for building the value of your business.  Over the years of researching private company sales, common themes emerge as to what improvements have the highest impact to company valuations.    

The Accelerator Value Builders Program™ assesses your businesses readiness in 4 critical areas.  Buyers look at sales effectiveness for new growth potential; operations sustainability for turnkey operations and systems; financial performance for strong earnings, cash flow and accurate financial reporting; and strategic advantage for competitive advantages and business differentiation.  The coaching program includes 14 different exercises designed to accelerate your company's value and attract buyers.

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Description of Exercises


  • Accelerator Score - This questionnaire helps the business owner determine the value and readiness of their business to be sold or transitioned.  The average score of the 4 most important drivers that are predictive of your company's valuation.  High scores indicate a company that is more valuable and more easily transferable.  Low scores can be improved by completing the Accelerator Value Builders Program™.

  • Qualifier Score - This questionnaire helps the business owner determine their personal financial and mental readiness to sell or transition their business.​  Includes an exercise to help the business owner evaluate multiple different transition alternatives weighing the costs and benefits of each.

Sales Effectiveness - Ramp Up Sales

  • Race Fan Exercise - Capture the voice of your customer and measure the relationship between the lifetime value of a customer and the cost of acquiring a customer.

  • Throttle Up Exercise - Grow sales by identifying the products and services with the highest potential to scale up the fastest.

  • Break Out Exercise - Expand sales offering by discovering your highest potential growth opportunities with the lowest overall investment risk.

Operational Sustainability - Built to Last

  • Green Flag Exercise - Build a "turn-key" business operation through evaluating and documenting your businesses core processes.

  • Yellow Flag Exercise - Identify key employee, customer, supplier risks and develop mitigation plans to reduce your over-reliance on these critical elements of your business.

  • Red Flag Exercise - Evaluate how dependent the business is on you personally to operate and identify actions to reduce and eventually eliminate that reliance.

Financial Performance - Maximize Company Value

  • Jack Up Exercise - Review your monthly overhead and products and services to prune costs and underperforming offerings, freeing up resources to invest in growth strategies.

  • Gas Up Exercise - This exercise frees up cash and improves gross margins by evaluating changes to seven (7) different financial levers in your business.

  • Clean Up Exercise - This exercise helps you understand why and how to recast your financial statements and prepare for document requirements for due diligence and succession planning.

Strategic Advantage - Differentiate from Peers

  • Green Track Exercise - Learn how to generate evergreen (or recurring) revenue streams in your business to smooth out demand and increase company value.

  • Fast Track Exercise - This exercise will illustrate which marketing messages give you the highest differentiation from competitors and are most meaningful to your customers.

  • Victory Lap Exercise - Generate a list of potential "strategic" acquirers to help guide your decisions on how to best improve the value of your business and to prepare the foundation for listing your company in the future.