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Program Summary

For those companies that are just starting out or those in need of fresh ideas or a different approach.  Our Essentials Value Builders Program™ includes 40+ different exercises covering three (3) core areas - making the BUSINESS, TEAM, and CLIENT more effective.  The intent of the Essentials program is to determine what your problem areas are first, and then select the appropriate exercises to address these problem areas.  Your coach will help you design a personalized program for you based on your unique needs and circumstances. 

Description of Exercises

Making the BUSINESS More Effective


Business Mission and Vision Exercises

  • Visioning Exercises - Connect your vision you have for your business and what it means to you.  Where, ultimately do you see your business heading?  This is an inspiring exercise and will help you draw out essential elements of the mission statement that follows.

  • Mission Statement Generator - A great mission statement will define a business and its purpose in under 30 seconds and gives clarity, focus and direction to your organization.

  • Business Vision Into Action - This exercise connects short-term tangible results with your long-term vision.  It also feeds into the business goal setting process. 

Reviewing the Current Business Situation

  • Business SWOT Analysis - Learn what is going well, what is not going so well, what to worry about, and what to build on.

  • Boost Your Business Strengths Tool - A simple, but powerful tool to focus on three (3) key strengths and identify ways to boost them.  The opportunity for our greatest growth lies in our strengths.

  • Business Weakness Zapper - What are the businesses key weaknesses?  What can be done about them?  Use this tool's five (5) weakness zapping strategies to drive pragmatic solutions and next steps to reduce or eliminate business weaknesses. 

  • Mentor Magic Tool - This tool can be used to help you find new answers to old problems or to help with making decisions.

Business Goal Setting and Tracking Tools

  • Annual Business Goals Planner - Identify your Top 10 goals over the next 12 months and three (3) actions to start.

  • Business Goals Year-At-A-Glance Tool - Summarizes your Top 10 goals for the year on a one (1) page tracking sheet.

  • Quarterly Goals-At-A-Glance Tool - Summarizes your Top 7 goals for the quarter on a one (1) page tracking sheet. 

  • Monthly Action Tracker - Tracks up to twenty-five (25) actions for the month on a two (2) page tracking sheet.

  • Nail that SMART Goal Setting - Format your goals utilizing the SMART goal setting methodology and identify obstacles, resources needed, getting clear on goals and benefits and much more.

  • Weekly Daily To Do List Action Planner - Work first on what matters most!  This weekly and daily action planning tool can help you achieve your goals faster.

Business Financial Health Check

  • The 4 Forces of Cashflow Exercise - This exercise helps you better understand where your cash goes every month and provides a method for managing and prioritizing your taxes, debt, core capital, and profit distributions going forward.

  • Power of One with LER Exercise - This exercise frees up cash and improves gross margins by evaluating changes to seven (7) different financial levers in your business.

  • PRUning to Grow Exercise - Review your monthly overhead and products and services to prune costs and underperforming offerings, freeing up resources to invest in other parts of your business. 

Making the TEAM More Effective


TTI Success Insights - Cutting Edge Personnel Assessment Tools

  • Selection - Attract and obtain the best people for your business.

  • Leadership Development - Develop and advance with people who are empowered to lead others.

  • Team Building - Enhance interpersonal dynamics between people in an organization.

  • Onboarding - Educate, integrate and hit goals quickly with people who are new to a group.

  • Organizational Development - Craft the employee experience by optimizing interpersonal dynamics.

  • Training - Educate about specific skills and behaviors that enhance performance.

  • Coaching - Guide and advance people in their personal and professional journey.

  • Strategic Planning - Defining your organization's strategy and define resources to execute.

  • Train the Trainer - Teach people how to instruct others to implement new skills.

Helping the CLIENT be More Effective


Personal Productivity, Priority and Time Management

  • Urgent Important Matrix Template - This tool introduces time management and shows how proper planning can keep you working on important tasks and how to identify your own unique time wasters.

  • Interruptions Blaster - This is a powerful awareness raising tool, identifying your unique interrupters with action setting and management tips and techniques.

  • Big Rocks Exercise - This exercise teaches the importance of prioritizing goals and actions.  If we don't do the "big rocks" first, then the sand and pebbles will fill our time and we don't get what is most important done.

  • Delegation Identifier - This is a great tool if you are trying to do everything yourself.  Learn how to identify and get excited about delegating tasks to others freeing you to do the things you love to do.

  • Action Priority Matrix Tool - A super simple technique to identify quick wins and avoid painful and unnecessary "hard slog" tasks.

Personal Effectiveness Tools

  • Personal SWOT Analysis - Review your own personal strengths and weaknesses.  Where are you sabotaging yourself?  Where could you make huge strides forward?  How could you utilize this knowledge in your business? 

  • Boost Your Personal Strengths - How could you use your top three (3) strengths to be even more successful?

  • Personal Weakness Zapper - Use this tool's 5 weakness zapping strategies to drive out pragmatic solutions to reduce the impact of your top weaknesses.  This tool is great to use in conjunction with the Delegation Identifier exercise above.

  • Daily Success Habits - This tool does double duty, setting up daily habits that make you more effective, as well as taking better care of yourself so you have more balance and energy in your life.

Life-Balance, Energy, and Self-Care Tools

  • Expose Your Hidden Time Wasters - This is a weekly time-recording exercise that provides insights on what you are currently spending your time on with the goal to rebalance the time you spend to achieve a better work-life balance. 

  • Reclaim Your Energy at Work - Working for yourself should be fun, right?  This exercise helps you identify 3 areas you're not happy with at work and do something about it.

  • What Do You Need to Let Go Of? - What are you holding onto this is dragging you or your business down?  This exercise helps you identify and learn how to let go of these issues.

  • Business Tolerations - What are you tolerating in your business that is wearing you down and draining your energy?

  • The Wheel of Life Template - This tool provides a wonderful visual representation of how balanced your life is.   

  • Self-Care Quiz - This quiz is intended as a thought-starter around some very practical self-care measures.

  • Are You Setting Too Comfortably? - This tool provides an excellent springboard for you to slow down and do less or speed up and take action based on your daily routine.  Great exercise for workaholics and couch potatoes alike.

  • My Energy Zappers Exercise - Its hard to love life if you are exhausted.  This exercise introduces the idea that mental and emotional drains can have a big impact on our lives.  Document your energy zappers and an action plan to zap them.

  • Detox Your Toxic Relationships Exercise - Who we spend our time with can significantly impact our lives (good or bad).  This exercise is designed to bring awareness to who you spend your time with vs. who you should be spending your time with.

  • Self-Care & Needs Review Exercise - This exercise is used to gain insight into what is preventing you from feeling happy and at peace with yourself.

  • The Power of No! Workbook - Use this workbook to if you are one of those people who have trouble saying no.  This exercise will help you better understand how your beliefs get in the way of saying no when you should and how to make the change.